As companies rely more and more on digital data for their work, its storage, management and transportation becomes more critical. In post-NSA (PRISM) / Snowden world, individuals and organizations pay extra attention to who has access to their data and how they can get the best protection from unwanted visitors.

Anyone who has lost data - be it through a faulty hard drive, termination of external service for storing data or data theft - knows the importance of reliable access to critical data and the value of its adequate protection and renewal in case of disaster.

The amount of digital information averagely produced today has risen a hundred times in only 5 years. This information is generally not well-protected, or encrypted, and - especially in local corporate networks - it is often available to anyone who is connected to that network.

However, another trend has appeared, which is massive transportation of data on virtualized technologies for protection and storage. These technologies go by the popular name "cloud". The diagram on the right shows this trend.

The whole suite of applications and plugins we offer is immense.
As the most beneficial for a company, we'd like to point out:
Domain Integration

Integration as part of your domain even if you don't
host it in your premises.

Secure Access

Access your data securely -
from anywhere in the world.

DMS System

Complete system for document management -
in the cloud.

File Sharing

Share files and documents
with access roles structuring.

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Petar Ordanoski
Chief Engineer

The creator of Disk.mk and chief engineer of the project.

Vanco Ordanoski
Operations Manager

Over 30 years of experience in the IT field and current operations manager of Disk.mk.

Branko Zafirovski
Software Architect

Large data architectures specialist and their processing. Leading process analyst.

Vladislav Bidikov
System Administrator

Expert in operating systems, complex architectures and interoperability.

Silvana Trajkoska
Lead Project Manager

Our lead project manager in introducing IT systems, change management and user interaction.

Vangel Karanfilovski
Hardware and Networking Specialist

Experienced hardware and networking solutions specialist.