There are similar services out there, but judging from our conducted online research, none has ever merged the service of data storage in virtualized environments (cloud) with dedicated devices for encryption and storage.

Our research also showed that there is no service that uses a virtual private network (VPN), USB tokens and PIN code authentication service, which drastically increases the security of communications and data. Some competing services offer free plans to use, but they are mostly designed for individual users. Support for these plans is weak or non-existent - users are instructed to ask for help on forums and social networks. Main companies offering these services are:
-, etc.

Our service will target companies that have other kinds of problems and needs (eg. Data sharing within the company).

Another thing that works positively is the new legislation and harmonization of the legislation of Macedonia with that of the European Union, which seek even tighter and more comprehensive measures for data protection, security of personal data and localization.

The increased use of services as a service (cloud services) mean greater savings for consumers because they do not have to purchase their own infrastructure. This will cause lower costs for electricity, heating, cooling, separate offices, reduced costs for expensive IT staff, etc.

On a positive note, the safety and security of the access will be increased, companies will not have to be in constant care of what happens to their data, whether they are adequately protected, whether there is a professional and timely backup, who can see their business secrets, and so on.