Why Us

The basis for implementation of such a service is the increased need for greater data security in the companies, and also the law regulations under which the owner of the electronic data shall be obliged to use systems and equipment that provides technical and cryptographic security, which will guarantee maximum security and confidentiality of data based on the European Union and international standards.

With the introduction of information technology in every process of business operations, a large amount of data, which is of great importance in normal functioning of the company, is constantly created. These data are manifested in the form of:
- Documents
- Scanned documents
- Email messages
- Databases, etc.
However, the result of this trend is the need for greater security of data.

Dangers for data loss can occur in several situations:
- Technically, with the breakdown of devices on which data is stored
- By accidentally deleting data or damaging the devices
- From various viruses and malicious programs that "infect" the computer where data is kept
- By deliberately "breaking" into the computer and maliciously deleting data or stealing data to learn trade secrets
For these reasons, there is a need for further provision of security measures on data using devices and services.

This is especially true for companies that store personal data on its customers, employees, etc. Articles 8 and 9 of the Law on protection of personal data, say that personal data can be transmitted through a telecommunications network only if specially protected by adequate methods that will guarantee that data won’t be read in transit.

From October 6, 2015, the agreement between the United States and the European Union called ‘Safe Harbour,’ which allowed storage of data on Europeans servers in the United States, is no longer valid. This creates an additional motivation for the creation of a service such as Disk.mk.